What’s Your Dating Style?

Are you tired of so-called “gurus” who have been spewing out old dating advice and rules that don’t really work?
Finding a great relationship doesn’t just mean you like someone, they like you, and they’re pretty nice to look at…
… it also means
  • better health and less stress
  • more security and happiness
  • living longer
  • aging more gracefully
Imagine if you could identify the habits that have prevented you from being in healthy and happy relationships?
How useful would that be? Would it change your life? It’s time we learned from past experiences.
Life-changing relationships don’t happen by accident (and it’s not luck either). Great relationships start with identifying patterns that will lead to being in fruitful relationships.
You can start by discovering your dating style.
After you discover your dating style, download our free Dating Journey Worksheet to outline your dating and relationship goals.