“We’ve laughed, we’ve reflected, and we’ve reviewed the red flags, and since we’ve retained your attention thus far, stay with us as we introduce and welcome you to a new school of thought. In full disclaimer, we understand this section may not be for everyone, and some of you may have just come for the laughs, and that’s cool too. But for those of you who would like to continue further, there are some things we want to discuss before we bid you adieu.”

—p. 247, All Good Just a Week Ago

In All Good Just a Week Ago, we introduce readers to a popular topic in the Christian community; Kingdom Dating. 

We were hesitant about how our readers would receive this message after sharing stories about one-night stands, dodging bullets, married men, and the likes.

However, we couldn’t think of a better way to address the toxic dating patterns that continue to take place in relationships. The truth is, the Bible does not teach us how to date. So how can we apply God’s plan to our dating life? We found the answer in Kingdom Dating.

If we were to think about God’s original plan for our lives? How would our dating life be impacted? 

In our chapter, The Antidote—Kingdom Relationships, we explore how our dating lives would have been if we had an understanding of God’s calling on our lives. In addition to Kingdom Relationships, we discuss topics like the Sleeping Adam & Impatient Eve, What it Means to Be Honorable, Why Ciara’s Prayer Won’t Work For You, and Not Enough Russells. 

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